A next-generation weld camera specifically designed for integration with welding automation in spaces too small for traditional weld cameras

Meet the Xiris XVC-700: The lightweight, HDR, all-digital, slimline weld camera.

The Xiris XVC-700 packs high performance in its modern slimline package. Featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) in excess of 140db, an angled optics head reaching from 0° to 90°, GigE Interface with PoE, the all-digital Xiris XVC-700 takes 21st century weld imaging where it has never been able to go before. The camera itself weighs only 100g, and squeezes into a slight 22mm x 22mm x115mm frame before optics are mounted. Industry standard S–mount lens holder, multiple mounting points, status LED and a glass UV/IR filter round out the superior usability of the Xiris XVC-700. Plus, with a maximum power consumption of only 6W on PoE, you can be confident that the Xiris XVC-700 will fit your next application.

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Watch the superior performance of XVC-700

  • 22 x 22 x 115mm frame (before optics)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) in excess of 140db
  • Angled head reaching from 0° to 90°
  • GigE Interface with PoE
  • 100g (before optics)
  • Industry standard S–mount lens holder
  • Multiple mounting points
  • 6W maximum power consumption

The XVC-700 is small. Like,
really small.

As you would expect from Xiris, the XVC-700 slimline form factor is key. Unprecedented in its class, the XVC-700 measures in at a svelte 22 x 22 x 115mm before optics. And it weighs only 100g. These factors together mean that the XVC-700 fits into weld imaging applications which no other camera has before been capable. The slimline form factor means that the XVC-700 can even fit inside a 100mm/4" diameter pipe for imaging possibilities previously thought impossible.


Full HDR in Greyscale or Color, it’s
your choice.

The XVC-700 features Xiris’ trusted HDR technology. That means that even with this tiny form factor, you’ll see everything there is to see at up to 55 fps, 1280x 1024 resolution, and 140+ dB of monochrome dynamic range. But hey, maybe you prefer your weld images in color. The XVC-710 excels at that too.


Simplified installation even in
challenging applications

The XVC-700 features a GigE Interface with PoE that frees you up to build installations from up to 100m away without the need for repeaters or additional cables. Plus, with a maximum power consumption of only 6W, you can be confident that the Xiris XVC-700 will fit your next application.


Full compatibility with Xiris world-leading imaging software

The Xiris XVC-700 is fully compatible with Xiris’ world-leading imaging software suite WeldStudio™, allowing you to record and playback welding processes for analysis and optimization. Or, using the WeldStudio™ SDK, camera controls can be fully integrated into your machine design.


Available Accessories

  • Optics
  • Controllers
  • HMIs
  • Cooling plates

The Xiris XVC-700 is available now. Get in touch with us!

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