Advanced Thermal Imaging for Additive Manufacturing

Designed for use in critical metal joining and Additive Manufacturing, the XIR-1800 is a powerful thermal camera that provides real-time enhanced imaging of metal joining processes beyond what is visible using standard thermal or visible-light cameras. Combining 120+ dB HDR capability with imaging in the Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) spectrum, the XIR-1800 thermal camera enables high contrast clear images of the welding arc or Laser process, melt pool, and surrounding material.


View and Adjust in Real-time

Capable of measuring the thermal properties of all components of your additive process between 250-1800°C in real-time, the XIR-1800 allows you to easily monitor and regulate the weld torch position before and during material deposition, meaning faster and more accurate in-process adjustments and quality assurance.


Paired with Powerful Software

The XIR-1800 thermal camera includes the Xiris WeldStudio software utility with powerful machine vision and thermal imaging tools to perform process monitoring and reporting. Integrate the XIR-1800 with other Xiris weld products to take full advantage of the data synchronization, capture, and analysis tools offered by the WeldStudio™ platform.

XIR-1800 Software Capture

Improve your Additive Process

Using our thermal imaging tools, you’ll get better detection of thermal boundaries in the additive process as well as being able to measure the material temperature variations between passes. All thermal video can be recorded for offline review and quality audits.

Learn More with the XIR-1800 Datasheet

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