Improving Welding Automation Using Audio Monitoring

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Metal transfer in the Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process is a key element of welding quality and welders use the “sound” of metal transfer to make fine adjustments to welding parameters including voltage, wire feed speed (amperage), stick out, and travel speed. However, with mechanized and automated equipment, the welding is often done far from the operator, and that sound cannot be heard.

These situations are where a welding microphone, and specifically the Xiris WeldMic™, can give operators the sound necessary to help monitor and control the arc stability and even predict when wire feeding issues are about to happen.

The Xiris WeldMic™ can:

  • Increase weld automation productivity
  • Allow for remote fine tuning of welding parameters
  • Enable operator/instructor to clearly hear, record, and playback the welding sound
  • Integrate with Xiris weld cameras and WeldStudio™ software

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