Thermal Analysis for Welding and Additive Research

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Short-Wave InfraRed (SWIR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) thermal camera technologies provide enhanced imaging of metal joining processes, bringing significant benefits to a research lab.

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From weld pool segmentation to metallurgical analysis, our expert Greg Cooke discusses how the Xiris XIR-1800 Thermal Camera opens entirely new avenues of welding and metal additive study and advancement. 

Thermal Analysis for Welding and Additive Reseach_Webinar

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About Our Speakers

Greg Cooke,
Product Manager

With a mechanical engineering degree and experience working in the Oil field, Mining and Subsea equipment design and inspection industries, Greg concentrates on developing new products and services for global injection molding machine and automation companies. Greg plays a key role in ensuring Xiris products bring new leading-edge solutions to the market that meet customer’s needs. 

Lyle Moroz,
VP of Sales, North America

With a technical background in mechanical engineering and business, Lyle has a rich history of leading sales teams to provide leading edge technology solutions to customers across various industries. Based out of our Canadian office in Burlington, Ontario, Lyle will be responsible for all sales of Xiris weld cameras and inspection systems in North America.